The Hyperlink Delusion
A personal statement to upgrade the Web.
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How to get in touch and follow the progress of the project.
How to get in touch and follow the progress of the project.

In this stage, I don’t have plans to use any social network as a communication channel, so if you want to contact me or follow the progress of the project, email will be the way. Please, do not hesitate to write me at daniel [at] armengol-altayo (dot) com with any idea or comment you have, I’ll be delighted to write you back [1].

For sharing the progress, I will use a mailing list. The number of subscribers will give me a general idea (although I know that inaccurate) of the interest around the proposal.

I hate spam as much as everybody does. I will use the newsletter only to reach you occasionally with relevant updates. I wouldn’t be here, talking about what I’m talking about if I didn’t have absolute respect for how we manage personal information. Any significant change in the behavior of the newsletter will be properly notified and you will always have an easy way to opt-out.

You can subscribe here.

At some point, I’ll write more about how I would like to encourage this kind of interaction. For now, I leave this reference to give you an idea of the tone I have in mind.
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