The Hyperlink Delusion
A personal statement to upgrade the Web.
Notes about the format.

This text is presented in a particular format. It is divided into small capsules to allow a different approach for both the writer [1] and the reader. You can get a complete overview of the content in less than a minute by just reading the outline. Footnotes and external links are complementary, not required to understand the content. Each capsule is written to work as a self-contained piece, which means you can read it independently although a sequential narrative is suggested. From there, explore as you please. Enjoy the reading.

13 min read in total, without counting footnotes [2].

Right now, this text is living in a context that allows change. I am taking advantage of it, adding more references post scriptum, making examples more clear, correcting grammar mistakes or even leaving notes to myself while maintaining a readable and comprehensible narrative. Please, if you find a typo, know about other perspectives or have a better way to illustrate an idea, contribute via GitHub or send me an email (contact details inside the last capsule). Thank you!
Around 3000 words without counting footnotes, at 238 WPM, the average silent reading rate for adults in English for non-fiction. If you are a slow reader like me, expect a little more.
(PDF) How many words do we read per minute? A review and meta-analysis of reading rate